Professional Spotlight: Andrew Blaesing

July 2019

Andrew Blaesing, an Associate Director in Aurora Management Partners’ (“Aurora”) Atlanta office, shares his insights into his experiences with Aurora and the industry and how it aids his own personal and professional development in this edition of employee spotlights.

What has your experience with Aurora been like since joining?

Fast pace, challenging, and rewarding.  When leaving the Big Four, I was nervous I would struggle to find a work place with as driven professionals and complex situations that would pushed me to think outside of the box.  Aurora has presented me with those challenges and provided the professional resources to succeed.  From bankruptcies to private-equity work outs, no two engagements are alike; and team member’s varying experiences allows me to continue to grow professionally all while solving middle market business challenges.

What do you like most about Aurora?

In building the Aurora team, senior management obviously focuses on bringing professionals with a variety of work and industry experiences, but just as importantly to them is cohesiveness.  The team members across all offices interact collaboratively ensuring efficient and highest service quality to our clients.

How did you get involved within this Industry?

My parents started their own lighter manufacturing company back in the 1980s.  As long as I can remember, both the breakfast and dinner table discussions were business and I was fortunate in spending my free summers working for the family business.  In 2007, congress issued new safety legislation which significantly impacted the cost structure and inhibited the company from competing with large brands.  The tough decision was made to shutdown operations and for the next 12 months we lived through a liquidation.  After the liquidation, I spent my final years in college working turnarounds with my father in an analyst capacity in the logistics and heavy manufacturing industries in the southeast.

Lastly, I worked with several middle market manufacturers in various industries at Deloitte.  Several of these companies were acquired by private equity funds who’s internal operating partners looked to optimize the operations. For several years I was fortunate to work alongside the operating partners absorbing the frame work the operators utilized to optimize its investments.

This wide variety of experience has provided me the confidence to take on any turnaround or restructuring project.

For Someone starting out in the industry, what advice would you give?

Working a turnaround is fast pace, but making a rushed wrong decision is costly.  Do not be afraid to ask for time to aggregate data to make the right decision.

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

My wife and I spend as much time outside as we can walking our dog, hiking, snow skiing, relaxing at the lake or my favorite golfing.  With identical twin girls due in July, these hobbies will take a back seat to spending time with them, until I can get golf clubs in their hands.