How can we help?

Our team brings a holistic perspective to every engagement to properly address the full challenge facing our clients. We seek to understand the underlying root causes of the concerns we are asked to address in the scope of our work, resulting in recommendations to fully resolve the issues facing our clients.


We assist the client in reviewing its overall business strategy, including product offering and product development, target markets, geographical presence and competitive landscape, to determine the optimum approach to achieve the client’s goals and objectives with adequate capital.


Strategy sets the direction for the client, which is dependent on an operationally fit corporate organization with adequate human resources, streamlined processes and strong internal controls. We review the client’s operations for improvements that will support its strategy in a low cost, efficient operating environment.


Sufficient liquidity with adequate financing from a trusted source is essential to achieve the client’s strategy and support a strong operational environment. Our team assesses the client’s need to stabilize its cash flow, return to profitability and re-finance its balance sheet. Through the strategic and operational review coupled with strong financial analyses, decisions regarding acquisitions and divestitures, “right sizing” the business and defining the need for re-financing are more easily addressed and implemented.


We understand the emotions present in stressful business environments.


We know that time is of the essence. As such, we identify, strategize and address the challenge at hand in an efficient manner.


We are driven to achieve client goals and objectives.

Our ability to rethink situations, react quickly and generate tangible results truly sets us apart from other consulting firms. This unique approach enables us to find optimal solutions in timely, focused, and empathetic ways. Client references provided upon request.


Aurora professionals have assisted hundreds of clients in achieving improved operations, enhanced liquidity, and a solid strategy for their business, with experience handling assignments from simple and straight-forward to those involving multifaceted, complex, and diverse issues in most industries. Our turnarounds focus on optimizing operations prior to financial restructuring. We create engagement teams based on relevant experience and our engagement defines the scope in critical areas of strategy development, financial strength, and operational efficiency. Regardless of the situation, we will do our best to find the optimal solution in a timely, focused, and empathetic way.